Easiweft Hair Extension Styling Station (Dove Grey)


For perfect clip-in hair extensions.

The Easiweft is a revolutionary clip-in hair extension accessory that enables you to dry, style and store your hair with ease! It minimises knotting and tangling, prolongs the life of extensions and gives you the ideal place for storing when your hair is not being worn!



It’s the Hair Extension Holder We’ve All Been Waiting For

How many times have you washed your clip-in hair extensions and they have ended up in a tangled mess?

How many different ways have you tried to style your clip-in hair extensions?

Do you wonder where you should be storing your clip-in hair extensions when you are not wearing them?

Well the Easiweft is here to save you, it is a revolutionary styling station that clip-in hair extension wearers have been waiting for!

Watch our video to see for yourself just how easy the styling station is to use and how easy it makes drying, styling and storing your clip-in hair extensions.

You will wonder what you ever did without it!

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 29.5 x 6.5 x 9.5 cm
Mounting Tape (Screwless Option)

Black Double Sided Tape, No Tape Required, White Double Sided Tape