Easiweft Hair Extension Holder (Limited Edition Silver)


For perfect hair extensions.

The Easiweft is a revolutionary hair extension accessory that enables you to wash, dry, style and store your hair with ease! It minimises knotting and tangling, prolongs the life of extensions and gives you the ideal place for storing when your hair is not being worn!



Manufactured in the UK, the Easiweft is a revolutionary hair extension holder used both in a salon and at home. It acts as an extra pair of hands for all hair extension types.


• It provides pro salons with a high quality tool for fitting all hair extensions including tapes, bonds, wefts, i-tips and nanos.

• It is saving hair extension specialists up to an hour when fitting.

• It keeps their work station tidy throughout.

• Stylists can now cut, colour, wash, style, dry and fit with ease.


• At home it allows you to wash, dry, style and store your hair quickly and easily.

• Prolonging the life of extensions for up to an extra 3 months.

• Keeps them looking healthy and fresh.

• Stress free styling.

• Minimises knotting and tangling

• work on a full set of clip-ins all at the same time including curling and straightening.

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 29.5 × 6.5 × 9.5 cm
Mounting Tape (Screwless Option)

Adhesive Pad, Black Double Sided Tape, No Tape Required, Suction Cups, White Double Sided Tape