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The Easibond has been designed by a hairdresser for hairdressers to hold pre-bonded and tape hair extension.  It works hand in hand with the Easiweft giving your client a relaxed luxurious experience in the salon and making  life so much easier for you!

With its unique angle at the base of the comb, the Easibond allows you to be able to see what you are picking up, making it so much quicker to fit and giving you full control of which bond you want to pick up next. It holds as many bonds/tapes as you need so you can set up your work station in seconds holding hair for the next couple of clients easily.

When working with more than one colour, the Easibond makes colour selection a breeze. When left to your client to pass her hair to you, you find yourself getting stressed as your client never quite gets it right (why would she, she’s not a hairdresser!) Using the Easibond, your client can now sit and relax, read a book, chat to you or just take in what’s going on around her.


The Easibond comes with two different fixing methods making it easy to fit to almost all surfaces. It comes with super strong suction cups, making it a more mobile option and an extra strong adhesive pad, as a more permanent option.

*** Please note *** Easibond is for fitting purposes only, high temperatures from hairdryers may cause the Easibond teeth to distort and may damage the product.


The Easiweft is the original hair extension holder that enables you to fit, wash, colour, tone, cut, highlight, dry and style in the salon. It will hold all hair extension types so that you, your assistant and your client's don't have to! 

The Easiweft comes in 9 stunning colours to compliment any salon colour scheme and comes complete with suction cups, adhesive pads and screw fixings.




The Easitint colouring sheets have been designed to make colouring hair extensions so much easier. They allow you to keep the hair extensions flowing in their natural direction and keep your work area clean and tidy. Easitint colouring sheets are a 'must have' for all hair extension specialists who custom colour their clients hair extensions for them. Just peel off the adhesive strip from the back of the colouring sheet and attach to your Easiweft/Easibond, directly underneath the prongs/teeth. (Made from recyclable materials)

easitint disposible colouring sheets