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Easiweft in the Den

easiweft in the den

Aired on Sunday 11 November 2018, BBC 2’s hit show, Dragon’s Den, featured our Founder and Managing Director Nicola Wood who presented our product The Easiweft to the Dragon’s, looking for investment to expand the business globally.

The positive feedback from the Dragon’s on Easiweft has had a huge impact on the company, inspiring the development of a host of new revolutionary products to expand our range in to a global market. With some of the best hairdressers in the business now using our products to help them save so much time when working with hair extensions.

Leading hair extension salon groups, companies and wholesalers around the world have since sort to stock our products from the exposure on the show after  demonstrating the issues faced when handling and working with hair extensions.

Based on the success of being featured on the show, plus our forward thinking approach to issues we all have when working with hair, the company has now rebranded in order to introduce a host of new products that have been developed as part of the range. Easiweft is now joined by Easibond and Easitint and are now available. There will soon be a whole host of new products added to our range, so watch this space!

Here's What The Dragon's had to say.........

Peter Jones – I know a little bit about hair extensions, I used to invest in a business that did hair extensions. I really like the product. We had something in here called the Tangle Teezer and I got that wrong!

Deborah Meaden – I know a lot more about hair extensions than I ever thought I would because of course I did Strictly Come Dancing and I kept the hair which ended looking like a dead animal in a drawer. This is a clever solution to that problem.

Jenny Campbell – Its a nifty little product and I quite like it! Ive got bags full of hair at home so I like the idea.

Tej Lalvani – I must commend you, I like it when people come up with simple products that solve a problem and you’ve done that well. It’s a great solution and a great invention.

See the full revolutionary range here.