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About Hair Made Easi

Hair Made Easi

Hair Made Easi was founded in 2016 by Nicola Wood in Manchester, England. We specialises in designing and manufacturing revolutionary hairdressing products to improve the process when working with hair extensions. With 30 years experience as a hairdresser, educator and salon owner, Nicola is well qualified to create what is needed within the industry.

At Hair Made Easi we guarantee that our products will improve efficiency, reduce fatigue, increase revenue and make the fitting process more enjoyable for all hair extension specialists and clients.

After rigorous assessment and due diligence in early 2018, the Easiweft was seen on Dragons Den and it aired in November 2018. 

Our first product was the Easiweft, followed by the Easibond and the Easitint disposable colouring sheets.

New Product Launch

In October this year, Salon International will see the launch of the Easiloop, the loop tool that holds 50% more links than the traditional loop tools currently on the market. The Easiloop makes loading the links much easier and faster and increases efficiency.

What's happened so far this year

The Easiweft is a finalist for The Hair Awards 2019 and winners will be announced later this year. We have also been selected as finalists for innovation of the year for both the British Hairdressers Business Awards and the NHF Business awards. It really has been an exciting year to date with so much more still to come.