Easiweft Founder

Hi I’m Nicola, I own a hair salon and hairdressing has been my passion since I can remember. As a hair extension specialist I was finding it time consuming, stressful and sometimes difficult working alone.

If you work in this field you will know exactly what I mean and as we all know, time is a major factor in our wonderful world of hairdressing.

I designed a contraption on the side of my hairdressing trolley that could hold wefts, tapes, stick tips and nano’s. It was saving me so much time and kept my work space tidy throughout applications. Another biggie was that it was helping me with clients clip-ins. Instead of getting a junior to hold the hair I could style with ease using my invention…..again saving time and money.

Then it hit me, there are millions of people in the same boat as little old me! So many hairdressers out there and clip-in wearers that want to save time and need a helping hand to fit and style extensions.

I set to work and began to manufacture Easiweft™ in the UK. I began selling it to my clients as it was a massive help for them to not only style their clip-ins, but to wash, dry and store them. I then started to supply to hairdressers, who were astonished how much time an Easiweft™ could save them in a working day.

I am delighted to say that I am so proud of my product, not only do I have happy clients that are enjoying using the Easiweft™ at home to style their hair, but I am receiving such amazing feedback from hairdressers on what a life saver the Easiweft™ has been for them.

The Easiweft™ really does tick a lot of boxes for hair salons, mobile stylists and clip-in wearers. Have a browse through our website to find out more.