Instructions & Additional Information

There are three ways to fix your Easiweft. Please read carefully before choosing which method of fixing is right for you then follow the instructions provided.

Suction cups – perfect for shampooing and conditioning in the shower and for drying, styling and storing on a surface such as a mirror or shiny bedroom furniture.

Adhesive pads – Ideal for fixing to any work station that the suction cup will not adhere to.

Screw fixing – this is the most secure method of fixing your Easiweft to any solid surface.

suction cups for use in the shower

Suction Cups

• Place the screw through the hole on the Easiweft, line up the suction cup underneath, then screw the two together.

• Your Easiweft is now mobile and will fix to any clean, dry, smooth, shiny surface. Be careful not to force the screw through the suction cup as it will pierce the seal and suction will be lost.

Note – Using a magnetic philips (cross head) screwdriver makes it easier to attach the screw to the suction cup.

how to fit the hair extension holder

Adhesive Pads

• Make sure the back of your Easiweft is cleaned thoroughly using an alcohol wipe.

• Fix the adhesive pad to the back of your Easiweft then to a clean, dry, flat, smooth, shiny, surfaces e.g. Glass, mirrors, plastic, glazed tiles etc.

• Press the Easiweft firmly against the surface. (Always test the Easiweft is fitted firmly before use.)

screw fitting

Screw Option

• Ensure the wall is solid and suitable for your Easiweft.

• The small screws provided are for use on wood or MDF and wall plugs and masonry screws are for use on solid wall fixings.

• Plasterboard fixings are needed if fitting to a false wall (not supplied).

Note -Always measure the thickness of the wood prior to fixing of your Easiweft to ensure it is thick enough for the length of the screws provided.

hair extension holder clip in hair extension holder

Screw cap fitting

The caps that are supplied are to conceal the screws in the main body of your Easiweft. Ensure the correct cap is fitted in the correct holes.


Use a domestic soap or a soft detergent and wash with warm water using a sponge or a lint free cloth. Rinse with clean water.