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The Hair Extension Holder

For use in the salon and at home


As seen on Dragons Den.


Quick & Easy Fitting, Washing, Drying, Stress-free Styling and Tangle-free Storage

Make life easier & prolong the life of your hair extensions

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What people say about our revolutionary styling station

hair extension holder - Easiweft Hot Pink

“I used to trap my extensions in my drawers or attach them to a coat hanger but they constantly pulled the drawer open or dropped off the hanger as I tried to curl or straighten them. Now I have my Easiweft, it saves me so much time and effort and my extensions are lasting so much longer…Love love love it.”

hair extension holder - Easiweft Winter White

“Used the Easiweft for the first time today when fitting Easilocks I-tips and it has literally changed my life!!! It’s so easy to use and makes everything so much quicker! Cannot wait to use it with tapes and wefts and will definitely be using it every time! LOVE!!”

hair extension holder - Easiweft Black

“I can’t believe I have struggled for so long without having the Easieft in my life! I used to try and dry my clip-in hair extensions in mid air and they would get tangled up and take for ever to dry properly. I used to trap my extensions in my drawers so I didn’t have to ask my brother to hold them for me. I honestly don’t know what I did without it!

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