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So I have had a few messages and emails asking me for advice on a few different topics so here are some of the questions asked and some handy hints on how to use your Easiweft.

How do I fit my easiweft? Fitting your easiweft is so easy to do and takes minutes to use the screws provided but if you don’t want to screw it to your walls or furniture you can use double sided tape or foam for a non permanent option. there will be an option to buy tape soon on the website but for now I can recommend the foam used to stick number plates on.

Where can I fit it when using sticky tape? As long as the surface you are fitting it to is clean, smooth and dry you can fit it pretty much anywhere. I would advise that you don’t fit it to wallpaper with the tape option as I would hate for you to pull firmly on your extensions and pull your paper off (the screws would be the perfect option here).

Another great way to use your Easiweft is to fit it in the shower so that you can shampoo and condition your clip-ins. I have mine higher than head height and it is just as secure as when I fitted it 3 months ago!

What height should I fit my Easiweft? I would advise that just above shoulder height is the perfect height so that you can use your Easiweft with ease.

I keep dragging my extensions off the hooks am I doing something wrong? If this is happening you must be pulling your clip-ins out towards you while styling them. You just need to work in a downwards direction when drying and styling and this will solve your problem!

I do hope this helps and if you do have any questions in the future I love hearing from you so please get in touch and I will help in any way I can.



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