Drying my Clip–ins using My Easiweft.

OMGGGG!!! Drying my hair extensions has been such a nightmare for way too long! We have all been there, trapping them in the drawer, putting them on a coat hanger, sticking them on the radiator or getting my bestie or my boyf to hold them whilst I tried to dry them. The blast of the air coming from the hairdryer would tangle them and the hair would fly in different directions and it would take forever because I would have to do each row individually. And then I would have to try and brush out the knots the best I could. The struggle is real!

Well not anymore! I’m sure all you extension queens will be as excited as I am that the Easiweft hair extension holder is here! So now Ladies here’s a run down on how easy life is now our prayers have been answered.

It doesn’t get easier than this, all we need to do is place all of our clip ins on the hair extension holder (the Easiweft holds up to 6 rows of wefts), brush through any tangles and direct the air flow of the hairdryer from above.

You will not believe how such a simple thing stops all those knots and tangles because the hair is not flying everywhere anymore.
You’ve now got two hands free so you can blow dry and brush at the same time with the Easiweft securely fixed, you don’t have to worry about the hair flying off everywhere and using the right brush will mean no more tangles in our clip ins.

I love how it comes with different ways of attaching to my glam station (screws and adhesive pads) making it really easy to fit.

Dry. Style. Store.

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