Easiweft Co-Founder

As a hair extension specialist with my own hair salon I have had to improvise over the years when working with clip-in extensions as I work alone with no junior at hand. About a year ago I attached parts of a detangling brush to the side of my work trolley as I couldn’t cope with my work area being so messy, this was not ideal and didn’t work very well. As I had trawled through the internet for a solution, I couldn’t find anything at all that would help me with my problems.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a big idea of designing something that would not only help hairdressers working with hair extensions but it could also help all of my clients at home. This kept me up all night and I set to work putting my ideas down on paper.

The next day I was lucky enough to explain my exciting new idea to my soon to be business partner, Russ.

Although his expertise is not in hairdressing he understood the concept of my design and saw how passionate I was about my vision. As a successful business man he was in a position to help me to take my idea to where we are now. It has not taken very long to get to the stage where we have created this fabulous time saving product. I am so excited to see how much easier the Easiweft makes life for all of us that wear clip-in hair extensions and how much time and effort it will save us all.